Hong Kong & Singapore are among the largest financial centres in the world. Together with Dubai they are three of the greatest aviation hubs on the planet and home to super-connector airlines like Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines and Emirates. Their respective governments have leveraged their geographic location to maximise opportunity from international trade for the benefit of their regions / countries. All three destinations are home to both affluent locals and expatriates to whom travel is an integral part of life. Mainland China and in particular Shanghai presents an exciting opportunity for the premium New Zealand tourism industry due in part to scale, geographic shifts in wealth and residence of global citizens (both Chinese and expatriate). We work closely with over 80 in-market partners / premium travel trade across these markets for the benefit of our clients. 

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong is delivering for NZ. Our in-market partners not only sell to affluent local Hong Kong and expatriate markets but also to mainland China. From Central and Causeway Bay to Kwun Tong, Wong Chuk Hang and Tsim Sha Tsui we are continually developing relationships that benefit our clients. 

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The rapid progression of Shanghai travel trade knowledge and proactive engagement in premium New Zealand tourism is astounding. Having entered this market in 2011, we have witnessed this development first hand and are committed to enhancing our established relationships for client success.

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Competition for the affluent traveller is hotting up in Singapore. Long time established agencies are facing fierce  competition from newly formed start-ups, private advisors & market entry and acquisition from overseas players. We're excited to see this play out and ensure our clients are front of mind.



Dubai premium travel sellers service an expansive and affluent market both within and outside of its borders. Significant airline connectivity & capacity, coupled with its geographic location make for a niche but valuable market. Dubai will host Expo 2020, with the NZ Government investing $53m.