Tourism360 by Tourism Partners is a unique tourism business development tool designed for growth. Through research, consultation and review we provide information, ideas and inspiration that will grow your tourism business.

Tourism360 is the result of over 20years of experience across broad sectors of tourism. Topics researched and then discussed are what we’ve observed the more successful companies in industry do. This process identifies themes that provide opportunity for recommendations to fast track your company’s growth. Every business and business owner is unique and no recommendation is the same.

Tourism360 is a 60 point assessment. We focus on 5 key areas that primarily relate to the development of marketing activity. Themes that appear within research and consultation form the basis for recommendations. A detailed review is delivered in writing and an in-person summary completes the assessment. Our absolute intention is for this process to be of significant intrinsic value to your tourism business.

Alpine Adventures

Our family owned and operated tourism business was looking to further grow our business and the timing was perfect to take part in Ben’s Tourism 360 programme. Working through the Tourism 360 programme with Ben was incredibly beneficial to take stock of where we are, where we have come from and where we want to be moving forward which resulted in identifying key themes, messages, opportunities and target markets. We now have a clear picture and action plan on how to fast track our business’s growth and we are busy implementing Ben’s recommendations. Ben has a wealth of industry experience, knowledge and expertise which truly leads to delivering on his goals of information, ideas and inspiration. It was an absolute pleasure working with Ben and we highly recommend his Tourism 360 programme. - Lee Saunders & Emma Chisholm.

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Wheelie Fantastic Cycle Tours

We had been operational for seven seasons and we were happy with how our business had evolved, yet Ben brought priceless experience and expertise to our business development. Ben's approach is thoughtful, pragmatic and thorough. He is great to work with and made the whole process painless and very motivational. I cannot recommend Tourism360 highly enough. - Nicky McBride.

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Queenstown Expeditions

Ben's extensive in-depth knowledge and experience in the New Zealand tourism industry was instrumental in creating our new day trip products. Utilizing Tourism360 was extremely significant in developing our key story messages, marketing themes and looking into potential key target markets to grow the business. - Morgan McCammon.

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Welcome Rock Trails

Ben Chapman objectively dissected each element of our business and reconstructed it into a moving entity. His professional, practical and creative approach to Welcome Rock Trails has been pivotal to our success. Ben's knowledge and experience has proved invaluable to us and I have no hesitation in recommending his services to future clients. - Tom O'Brien.

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Real Country

As an owner of a new, small tourism venture who operates in the competitive Queenstown market, putting my business through Tourism360 was a smart decision. Ben's comprehensive knowledge of the New Zealand tourism industry combined with extensive, real world experience both domestically and internationally, provided me with practical and tangible steps to positively impact my business. - Laura Douglas.

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Kiwi Virtue

At a year into my own small business venture here in Queenstown, Ben from Tourism Partners was the right fit at the right time! He was professional yet relaxed and sincere in the way he listened and provided feedback for my business. I greatly respect his experience and knowledge in the tourism industry, and the insights made into developing as well as picking up on themes, target markets and developing my point of difference was extremely beneficial. Thanks Ben! - Vanessa (Ness) Ward.

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