Tourism Partners have accumulated over 20 years experience in the business development of successful New Zealand tourism companies. From award-winning adventure activities to world top 50 ranked golf courses and globally recognised luxury accommodation, regional promotion to international representation, allow us to share our knowlege for the benefit of your company. Tourism Partners are here to grow your tourism business.


'Over the past 20 years, I've found that helping tourism businesses grow is an incredibly rewarding career. Knowing the information, ideas and inspiration that I provide make a positive impact on people’s business, and ultimately their lives, is perfect. I care about our clients and am personally invested in their success'.


'My journey in tourism has taken me to over 20 countries, helping me to learn basic pleasantries in most of these destinations. While New Zealand is home, I am 'at home' in Asia. I am incredibly passionate about this immense geographic area, the countries, cultures and the people within.  On a daily basis I find myself trying to identify where vistors are from, not just by look, but by language and gestures. Yet today's affluent travellers are global citizens and cannot be categorised by the country they come from. Today, someone born in China may have studied in France, worked in Canada and travelled to ten or more countries before arriving at your door. They may not be bi-lingual or even tri-lingual, they may speak five or more languages and thus have had multiple international experiences to match.

So yes, I am incredibly passionate about Asia and its inbound benefits to New Zealand tourism, but I am also 100% tourism focused and prefer to work across all tourism sectors (Premium, Adventure, Aviation, Transportation, Hiking, Cycling and Golf). My experience in the commercial tourism sector is complemented by roles with both Tourism New Zealand and Destination Queenstown, and is backed by both bachelor and masters qualifications in marketing and business. While my work these days is more related to in-market development of premium travel (luxury lodges, golf courses etc), my roots are firmly entrenched in the business development of small 'family owned' tourism operations. I like to think of this work as an advisory of sorts. It's interesting because this advisory work came about as an extension of a previous role where I found myself working outside my responsibilities and providing business development advice to small tourism business owners. They knew and I knew that together, we could find opportunities that would have a positive impact on their bottom line, this year and into the future. When you are a small tourism business there is nothing better than finding new customers and new channels of revenue.

The future of tourism is incredibly exciting, especially if like me you are passionate about Asia and tourism business development. There are some colossal shifts occuring, you only have to consider future aircraft orders along with increasing flight connectivity,  capacity & efficiency, increasing wealth and discretionary income of Asia's middle classes, Asia's overtaking of the US for the number of billionaires, China's One Belt One Road Initiative, and Free Trade Agreements etc. With all this in mind I'll not only continue to focus on Asia, but will invest more time to meet more people and form new partnerships for our clients in more places than I have so far'. 

Ben Chapman, Tourism Partners Limited